Doors and seeds

Doors and seeds

Doors and seeds

Today I sent an email to M.

She lives in Canada and we met twice on zoom for 1h, 2.5 years ago.

And I thanked her for the door she opened then.

She gave me two Compassionate Inquiry sessions as part of her training.
I was happily doing a favor to a friend of a friend who needed clients for recorded sessions, I had zero expectations and very little knowledge of Gabor Maté work.
I wrote to her : “Let’s say you opened a door….
I dived head first.”

I dived into a demanding 18months training and got certified in Compassionate Inquiry.

I met people who made me think, cry, laugh, helped me expand my mind. I assisted facilitators and students.

I connected to my self like never before.

I connected to my kids and loved ones like never before.

I became able to chose authenticity versus connection when my authenticity was threatened in relationships.

I found even more purpose than  before.

And now….
I open doors. I let seeds fall out of my pockets.
People have full agency to act on it or not – my role is to open doors and leave seeds.
I feel privileged when people I work with decide to enter the room, water the seeds, in my presence.
And when they don’t, I know they have very good reasons not to – even if I am not aware of those.
I am eternally grateful to people who open doors for me – also when I chose to ignore it and run away !
They left little seeds that I found much later on…..

Let’s open doors and leave seeds behind together

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