(Re)Connection in Compassion

Women circle

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Embark on an exploration journey, initiating the process of self-enquiry.
(Re)connect with your inner-self, heal from past trauma, release limiting beliefs, and explore the origin of your emotional and physical pain.

What can you expect ?

Join a group of up to 10 women for a 10 weeks program led by a certified Compassionate Inquiry® practitioner. 

 This program provides a powerful therapeutic space where you can witness each other’s healing through the application of the Compassionate Inquiry approach, offering support, understanding, and insights. 

You will also receive short individual Compassionate Inquiry® sessions.

Is it for me?


Reconnection in Compassion is for you if you are more than 18, want to connect with your true self, explore your inner voice, are prepared for a deep experience that may be triggering and bring up unresolved childhood issues, and connect with a supportive community of women.


The circle does not work for you if you are actively engaged in substance addiction, if you experienced suicidal ideations in the last six months, or if you’re a fundamentalist of any persuasion. The experience is about openness, curiosity, and compassion.


If you are not sure this is for you, do not hesitate to email me using the formulaire below, I will answer your questions.

 You can also book a 20 min free discovery call :


Regular price 560 EUR

Pay it forward 640 EUR : for those who are able to help, you can “Pay It Forward” and those additional funds go directly to provide scholarship opportunities for others.

Reduced 480 EUR : in order to make the circle more accessible to our global community, we also offer a reduced ticket option for anyone who needs it (starting with 3 tickets out of 10, tickets will be added for each Pay it forward tickets sold)


Once you choose a group (day, time, location – in person or online), it is not possible to switch later on.

To establish safety it is important that participants show up. Of course life happens and it is reasonable to expect a minimum attendance of 8 out of 10 weeks.

Unfortunately if you miss 3 sessions, you will be removed from the circle.



By Cécile’s discretion enables the right to decline admission to a ‘Reconnection circle’ applicant and to remove a participant from the circle at any point, should the Circle Leader assess that the individual’s conduct, demeanor, or perspectives might detrimentally affect the circle’s cohesion or experience, or if they are deemed incompatible with the program. At its discretion, By Cécile retains the authority to cease a participant’s involvement at any point in time. In such instances, By Cécile will refund the training fees, deducting the prorated amount for the weeks attended.


If you cancel 15 days or more before the start of the circle you will be refunded minus a 50 EUR administration fee. If you cancel 14 days or less before the course there will be no refund as a space has been reserved for you in this experiential program.

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