I am Cécile, French mother of two, living in the Netherlands, a few minutes biking from beautiful Amsterdam.

I am a traveler who grew up and worked on different continents and countries (West Africa, France, Spain, Morocco, Netherlands), which fueled my curiosity for individuals, cultures, and how we manage our personal struggles in different environments.

I interact with people from a place of compassion, trust & playfulness. 

I build a safe space in which I can connect with people and, more importantly, in which they can connect with themselves at a deep level. I have always seen people beyond how they present themselves to the world. My deep belief is that we all have power, strength, healing capacities – and I enjoy bringing the light onto it, witnessing people step into their power  session after session. It’s never too late, we are never too broken – there are always so many possibilities.

Being diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases in my early 40s changed my life. For years I had ignored my body and my emotions – physical pain and discomfort, chronic stress and anxiety, treating it as something I needed to control, overcome, master. This diagnostic, or more accurately the ensemble of symptoms it described, was the fire alarm that I needed to reevaluate how I handled life in general – work with my body and my feelings instead of against them.

I used the analytic, organized and resourceful mind that a career in finance gave me to research and study how I could become healthier and happier.

After training in Transformative Coaching, I started to work with clients who were in so many different paths in life – meeting them where they were, carefully choosing in my toolbox what would serve them was the most fulfilling part of my work.

I kept on reading, studying, being open and curious – when I found out Gabor Mate’s work, I immediately signed up for the year long professional training in Compassionate Inquiry, followed by the mentorship. Many pieces of the puzzle seemed to fall in place!

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I am passionate about using Compassionate Inquiry to create a space where you can step into your healing, your power, and be in connection with yourself. Looking forward to meeting you!

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