About this Dream Job

About this Dream Job

About this Dream Job


One day someone asked me what I really wanted to do if there was no limit and no barrier. If I wouldn’t think about money, education, time, status, or what I was thinking I should be doing, what would I really like to do.

Everybody (including me) was asking this same question for a while given my situation, but no-one (including me…) gave me the freedom to think big, to think outside the box, to REALLY think about what would make me happy, what would be a fulfilling activity.
In the past I would look at those people I met who were in their dream job – some needed to have a second job to pay the bills, others were wealthy from it, but all were happy and fulfilled and had this feeling they could do it for ever and keep learning and getting better at it. I always felt we were from different planets and that was something they had in them that I didn’t have in me, tough luck. Didn’t even have a clue what would interest me enough to try out…

But then, as soon as I could forget for a few minutes all the reasons why I couldn’t do X or Y, it came to me crystal clear. I want to help people restore their health, take power over their life when they think it is lost. Help them find fulfillment. Inner peace. Financial freedom. Get ride of the effects of past trauma. Help them find what is the job they would be excited about every morning. Serve.

Serve is a scary grand word… But that’s it, I want to serve.
I explored this and started to add many details to this dream job. What it would look like, what it would feel like to be in this position. Basically, feeding my brain with those positive thoughts to make it stronger when I would start to look again at all the reasons why it wasn’t possible!
And that time came, to write about this huge list we all have NOT to go for it. Finances, time, need of education, legal aspect, family opinion and fears,  obligations we think we have, the fact that most of us didn’t try anything close to a radical change in our life before (well if you have kids, you did for sure, but you forgot maybe !)…. you name it. Still looked absolutely impossible.
And still… Taking it one by one. Facing my fears by exploring the worse that could happen (those fears became way less powerful….). Wondering in front of every obstacle, “what would I like to have happen?” – and slowly, new paths did emerge to take down every obstacle. And slowly, everything seemed to be aligned towards my goal. Every bump in the road gave me the opportunity to open a new door, see a possibility that was hidden to me before. And there I was, just doing it, one day at a time, enjoying the road tremendously.


Sounds good? This is what I can help you achieve. Can’t wait to watch you succeed!

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