Welcome to a space of awareness, trust & freedom. Everything you need to thrive is already within you - you are whole, let's tap into this power together.

I am a certified Compassionate Inquiry practitioner and Transformative Coach

Together we take a look at what is behind how you show up in the world. Taking a walk towards peace, freedom and connection. I meet you where you are, to support you in the discovery of your self-healing and growing abilities.

I offer individual and small-group coaching for:

– Self-growth, reconnection
– Stress, burnout, self-care
– Autoimmune and chronic disease, pain, dis/ability
– Post diagnostic stress
– Food and body image
– Self-compassion practice


Compassionate Inquiry

Let's get to know each other and find your path to freedom together

MindBody health

The brain and body systems that process emotions are intimately connected.

Freedom Coaching for businesses

Freedom coaching empowers employees regarding their physical and mental health, their reactions within relationships (career, family…), their perception of life and life events.


Little fires everywhere (part 1)

Little fires everywhere (part 1)
Little fires in my body. Little fires everywhere. Never gone, always dormant, sometimes ravaging.

Bending, not Breaking

Bending, not Breaking
Just had an epiphany after a friend who has rheumatoid arthritis described how comparing his physical situation to other's ......

About this Dream Job

About this Dream Job
One day someone asked me what I really wanted to do if there was no limit and no barrier. If I wouldn’t think about money...

Benefits of a Bikram Yoga Routine

Benefits of a Bikram Yoga Routine
A few years ago, I tried yoga. Several times and types. I had this inner belief it was good for me and I should learn how to do it.

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