Freedom Coaching

Freedom Coaching


At some point in our life, for whatever reason, we need it. I do believe we all have more resources in us than we know of, and the proper guidance at the proper time enables us to discover those resources and use them for the rest of our life. Those inner resources coupled with appropriate tools and knowledge (nutrition, mindset, exercise, pain management, stress management and much more) are the only things you need to take care of in order to get your health and power back.
I offer guidance for whatever your situation is, so you can move forward.

When can I help?


When your health is altered: autoimmune and chronic diseases, chronic fatigue, but also recurrent serious symptoms to which doctors have difficulties to give a diagnostic. A holistic approach using nutrition, movement, stress management, mindset, pain management, restorative sleep and social connections is a game changer. Not to forget how to address all aspects of your life that change because of disease and the measures you implement.


When you feel stuck after an important life event: divorce, loss of work, change of career forced on you. Together we investigate and take down fears and barriers to discover the road you want to take.


When you want to implement sustainable healthy habits in your daily life, including moving towards a whole food plant-based nutrition, for yourself, your family. We build together a detailed roadmap of what you can achieve. Depending or your needs, this will be typically a fast knowledge transfer with practical tips or a longer-term guidance using transformational coaching to bring you where you want to be at your own pace.

How does it work?


Let's get to know each other and find your path to freedom. In a 45 minutes intake, we discuss your challenges, think about possible and positive goals, and I share more in detail how we would open up your path to success – however success is defined by you.

Personal plan

Given your particular situation and approach to life and change, we decide how to shape our sessions – you need us to build your roadmap and off you go, or you need guidance to take care of several areas, enabling you to navigate without getting lost on the way.

After care

After finishing all steps in the personal plan, we are always here for tips, guidance and support. Stay on top of the latest life-style medicine advances, ease your life in the kitchen, be informed about events meaningful to you – via our newsletter or emails.

More about Personal Plans

Dealing with auto-immune or chronic diseases, changing lifestyle: we start with an initial 3 sessions package (after the first intake) which allows us to define your needs and build your action plan, giving you deep understanding of what needs your attention, what resources to use, how to measure your progress.  After this you might have enough to start by yourself.
When your situation makes clear that more is needed, we use transformational coaching and other technics to build on fulfillment, purpose, meaning and alignment while navigating your roadmap. We achieve this choosing either a 3- or 6-months package, which include a full session every other week and contact by email or messages to answer your questions in between sessions.
Holistic life coaching. After a first intake, we might decide to start with a predetermined number of sessions and re-assess after completion, or just go with the flow as your needs dictate the pace.
You feel I can help you but do not see yourself into the offered care? Then we will take it step by step and tailor it exactly to your needs, one session at the time.
A session is one hour.
Online sessions are always available; for face-to-face sessions, I will come to your home or to another practical location. For long distances, I do charge a travel allowance.

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