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The most important things people need in this age are authenticity, growth, and flexibility – I made it the foundation of my work and the feedback from more than 200 coachees confirms it.
By investing in Freedom Coaching, corporations are investing in their employee’s well-being which results in increased productivity, decrease in conflicts, decrease in turnover as well as sick leaves.


Freedom coaching, how does it work?

Freedom coaching empowers employees regarding their physical and mental health, their reactions within relationships (work, familial…), their perception of life and life events.
By identifying patterns and coping mechanisms, how they served us well in the past and how we can now be free to choose something more adapted to our current life, we bring ease and flexibility in life.

As the latest studies have confirmed the effectiveness of online coaching, I always offer in person as well as online coaching sessions. I do work in English and French (native).

The preferred package per employee is :

A free of charge 30 min orientation zoom meeting with employee

A 4 sessions package

A free of charge 30 min service phone call

Custom made workshops

I am available to come & meet you, discuss your needs and offer a tailor made proposal – from  2h to  full day workshop.

Why is Freedom Coaching by Cecile different from other types of coaching?

With a compassionate and respectful approach, we dive directly into the core and unveil the level of consciousness, mental climate, hidden assumptions, implicit memories, and body states.
This is key to achieve long lasting shifts – the coachee gains insight, clarity, freedom, and choice in their behavior.
I am a certified transformative coach and I completed the one year professional training for Compassionate Inquiry by Gabor Mate as well as the mentorship.

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